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The Bolted Book Facsimile Launches on Kickstarter

The first exact copy of an Italian Futurist masterpiece of early-20th-century graphic design and book-making is available on Kickstarter, through December 1.

By Steve Kroeter October 18, 2016

Updated November 13, 2016 — The Bolted Book Kickstarter runs through December 1. Pledge for your own piece of modern graphic design history!

The “Bolted Book” so called because it is famously bound together by two large industrial aluminum bolts, was originally published in 1927 in a limited edition to serve as a showcase for the work of the Italian Futurist artist and designer Fortunato Depero (1892–1960). Depero was a true multimedia artist, creating daring typography, painting, sculpture, advertising (which he viewed as art), furnishing and clothing designs, exhibition pavilions, and sets for theater and dance in addition to manifestos on creativity. 

Acknowledged as the first modern-day artist’s book, the Bolted Book (officially titled Depero Futurista, meaning Depero the Futurist) is universally recognized as a tour de force of avant-garde book-making. Collaborating with the Center for Italian Modern Art, New York, and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, Italy (which houses the Depero archives), Designers & Books is proud to be launching a campaign to fund the publication of a new facsimile edition of this groundbreaking book, which has long been out of print.

Detail of a page from The Bolted Book.

The new Bolted Book Facsimile will be the first exact copy of the 240-page book and will include papers of different colors, textures, and weights and bolts specially crafted to match the originals. The new facsimile will be printed in Italy. Accompanying each copy of the facsimile will be a softcover, 48-page Reader’s Guide, with English translations of key texts, essays by Depero scholars, and photographs from the Depero archives.

See every page of The Bolted Book on www.boltedbook.com.

Besides the book, you’ll also be able to back rewards such as the Depero Futurista Tote Bag, a poster featuring images from The Bolted Book, and a replica of a marionette Depero designed for a Futurist ballet.

Some of our Early Backer discounts are still available!


 Tote bag featuring artwork from The Bolted Book, one of the Kickstarrter rewards.

Poster with eight images from The Bolted Book Facsimile, one of the Kickstarter rewards.


Visit us on Kickstarter through December 1! 

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