Book List of the Week

Book List of the Week: Five Hotel and Restaurant Designers

June 30, 2014

Traveling to hotels and restaurants are among summer’s (or any season’s) pleasures. Here are five major designers of notable hotel and restaurant spaces worldwide who list the books that have been influential for them. The designers include Jeffrey Beers (Fontainebleau, Miami; China Grill and Toy, New York), Ed Ng (Shangri-La, Qufu, China; W Retreat and Spa, Bali), Adam Tihany (The Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles; Per Se and Daniel, New York), and George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg (The Four Seasons, Toronto; W Hotel, Times Square, New York).

Jeffrey Beers's Book List

The subjects and authors of many of these books are people I admire as leaders in their fields. Their personal philosophies have encouraged me to live passionately and fearlessly, and to always strive to create experiences that bring people joy.

Ed Ng's Book List

The books on my list are an extension of my design philosophies and beliefs. As designers, we create beautiful pieces that inspire and move us, and these books are the platform for which we can express these thoughts, whether it is through psychology or lateral or creative thinking.

Adam Tihany's Book List Kenya Hara, Rem Koolhaas.
George Yabu's Book List

Jetting between our New York and Toronto offices on a weekly basis, and various project sites around the world (literally), reading is an obvious, but very much beloved pastime. I always like to cover news stories both domestic and internationally based. And I love a variety of books—as long as within the first several pages, the book inspires me, provokes thought, engages my curiosity, and visually delights me. I often take something interesting and new away from each of them, whether a new way of looking at things, or an anecdote to apply to life.

Glenn Pushelberg's Book List

I travel often, however, most times I’m catching up on sleep or following up on emails. I take time to read when I am on holiday at our beach house in Amagansett, where I can really shut off and focus on something that’s not work. Most books I read are strongly recommended by friends, which is always enjoyable. Visually intriguing and entertaining me is key.

My selection represents a mix of books that I keep coming back to and refer to often whether in life, or at work.

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