Book List of the Week

Book List of the Week: Seven American Interior Designers and the Books That Inspire Them

Alexa Hampton, Ernest de la Torre, Jeffrey Bilhuber, Sheila Bridges, David Easton, Penny Drue Baird, William Georgis

July 28, 2014

This week we celebrate the books that inspire seven American interior designers: Ernest de La Torre, Alexa Hampton, David Easton, Jeffrey Bilhuber, Sheila Bridges, Penny Drue Baird, and William Georgis.

Study drawing for a library in a private residence by David Easton, Inc., Dallas, TX, 2005
Ernest de la Torre's Book List

Billy Baldwin, John Russell Pope, Jean Royère.

Alexa Hampton's Book List

I have always been a big reader. My tastes are far-ranging—from police procedurals to history to biography and even chick lit.

David Easton's Book List

Axel Vervoordt, David Adler, Dunbar.

Jeffrey Bilhuber's Book List

Here you will find a list of books that have inspired me in my professional and personal pursuits. Some I find I reference everyday, while others have simply stuck with me less as reference tools and more as life lessons.

Sheila Bridges's Book List

I love a great story.

William Georgis's Book List Edith Wharton, Frank Lloyd Wright, Japanese houses.
Penny Drue Baird's Book List

I have always had a very strong relationship with reading and with books. There are few pleasures as satisfying as browsing in bookstores and then curling up with a book. Throughout my life, I have rated very highly that late-night read, preferably with milk and great cookies. Although a Kindle/iPad is the apex of practicality when traveling (even more so for me because I travel for months and I can’t throw away any book), there is nothing like the feel and weight of a book in one’s hands.

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