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Book List of the Week: Stanley Tigerman

Defining a giant of American postmodern architecture

June 5, 2019
Stanley Tigerman, Architect, Tigerman McCurry Architects (Chicago)
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As a tribute to architect Stanley Tigerman (1930–June 3, 2019), a giant of postmodernism, we are honored to share the list of books that inspired him, which he sent to Designers & Books in 2012.

At the time, he wrote to us: “I stopped buying architecture books in 1980, which coincided with my being the architect in residence at the American Academy in Rome where it became clear to me that ideas were the source of a flame that I wished to be near. Since that time my personal library, both at home and at the office, has grown willy-nilly with tomes on religion, philosophy, critical theory, et al. These ten books are the tip of an iceberg that helps to define who I am in the autumn of my life.”

Illinois Regional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Chicago, 1976, designed by Stanley Tigerman. Photo: courtesy Tigerman McCurry Architects

In addition to being the owner of an unparalleled library, he was also a prolific author.

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