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Holiday Shopping at the Designers & Books Online Book Fair

Discover hundreds of design books by theme, price discount, and a variety of other ways

By Steve Kroeter November 29, 2013


If you are looking for design books, the Designers & Books Online Book Fair is the place to be. Combining the serendipity and spontaneity of browsing at an “offline“ fair or in a bookstore with the refined search, sort, and filter capabilities of the Internet, the Online Book Fair is intended to provide a helpful and enjoyable way to discover books about design—some at a significant discount.

The Online Book Fair now showcases hundreds of books from 15 publishers in 14 design disciplines, with new books—and new discounts— continually being added. Recently added features include specially created video trailers for selected new titles as well as themed lists of books (many more to come) designed to provide entertaining as well as enlightening new ways to find design books. So, you can watch a video of Steven Heller and Louise Fili talking about their new book, Shadow Type, or find titles according to color (red covers, blue covers, black covers, white covers) or by specific designer (Charles and Ray Eames) or design topic (Helvetica typface) or a variety of other ways. 

 We hope you’ll enjoy your time at the Fair and return often—it’s ongoing so there's always something new.

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