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By Michael Sorkin September 17, 2013

The book through which I learned how to read closely and had my utopian streak nicely jazzed.

By Galia Solomonoff October 2, 2013

A painful and lovingly written story about young creative talent struggling to survive in New York and making it!

By Jens Martin Skibsted September 4, 2013

I don’t totally agree that products are just cultural artifacts, but I agree that they are cultural artifacts. Best post-millennium book on branding.

By Jorge Silvetti February 26, 2014

How an author makes fiction a normal part of his life.

By Jorge Silvetti October 28, 2013

A brilliant reading of the city as a construction of culture and a form of collective memory that exposes the poverty of most current planning ideologies.

By Inga Sempé August 7, 2013

One thing can be regarded as ugly after having been considered a masterpiece.

By Stefan Sagmeister May 18, 2015

Ladislav Sutnar is the most under-appreciated giant in design.

By Stefan Sagmeister February 3, 2014

Many of our ideas were aided by the techniques discussed in this book.

By Stefan Sagmeister October 17, 2013

A wonderful diary about someone who figured out how to live a truly full life.

By Richard Sachs November 25, 2013

More than any other maker whose works I’ve become aware of, I always come back to a fantasy that includes making my bicycles with the skill and humility with which Jimmy D’Aquisto made his guitars.