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By Adam Tihany September 11, 2013

A brilliant meditation on Manhattan’s urbanism, the culture of congestion.

By André Leon Talley September 9, 2013

Tolstoy’s sense of visual extravagance is without parallel.

By Isaac Mizrahi September 9, 2013

My idea of a page-turner.

By Farshid Moussavi September 6, 2013

Arranges texts, projects, and images about the contemporary city according to scale, rather than time or subject. In doing so, rather than simply representing them as they happened, it opens each to overlaps, new connections, and new readings.

By Chip Kidd September 5, 2013

This was the first book I read that was really about the power of design and typography. I would say that Charlotte’s typographic web-o-grams represent the first depiction of a successful ad campaign in children’s literature.

By Jens Martin Skibsted September 4, 2013

I don’t totally agree that products are just cultural artifacts, but I agree that they are cultural artifacts. Best post-millennium book on branding.

By Matali Crasset September 3, 2013

One of my favorite books, depicting an entire mural of society.

By Carola Zwick August 30, 2013

Although it is already ten years old, this book is helpful in recognizing and understanding the ongoing changes and shift in priorities occurring in society.

By Maira Kalman August 29, 2013

None better. Logic. Mathematics. Madness. Screwball comedy. Hallucinatory magic. And wondrous everything.

By Maria Popova August 28, 2013
Heller and Vienne provide an astute lens not only on what design is and does, but also on what it should be and do.