Forthcoming Books We Are Looking Forward To

Spring Design Books We Are Looking Forward To: Shakespeare and Company, Paris

March 12, 2014

Linda Fallon, Head Buyer at Shakespeare and Company in Paris, sent a along a few design titles being published in Spring 2014 that she is especially looking forward to seeing on the store’s shelves. Included are books from Thames & Hudson and Ilex Press/HOW Books.

The Elements of Modern Architecture Antony Radford
Amit Srivastava
Selen B. Morkoç

From the Publisher. Fifty of the world's greatest modern buildings, from 1950 to the present, dissected and analyzed through specially commissioned freehand drawings After a period in which computation-derived architecture—driven by digital design tools, data analysis, and new formal expression—has thrived, students and their teachers have returned to age-old techniques before employing the digital tools that are a part of every architect’s studio. Tired of the perfectly rendered screen image, architects are making presentations that are clearly the work of the hand and the mind, not the computer.

This ambitious publication, organized chronologically, is aimed at a new generation of architects who take technology for granted, but seek to further understand the principles of what makes a building meaningful and enduring. Each of the fifty works of architecture is presented through detailed consideration of its site, topology, and surroundings; natural light, volumes, and massing; program and circulation; details, fenestration, and ornamentation. Over 2,500 painstakingly hand-drawn images of the buildings of the past seven decades help readers return to the core values of understanding site and creating buildings: looking with the eyes, engaging through direct physical experience, and constructing by hand.

Mapping It Out Hans Ulrich Obrist

From the Publisher. A look at our exterior and interior worlds through intriguing and imaginative maps from over 130 contributors in the fields of art, science, film, and more. Maps have always been at the heart of human knowledge. Whether they chart a newly discovered land or lay out a complicated process, maps serve to improve our understanding of what surrounds us. Maps make the complex simple, and reveal the complexity behind the apparently simple. Mapping It Out invites artists, architects, writers, and designers, geographers, mathematicians, computer pioneers, scientists, and others from a host of fields to create a personal map of their own, in whatever form and showing whatever terrain they choose, whether real-world or imaginary. Over 130 contributors’ ideas are represented, including Yoko Ono, Louise Bourgeois, Damien Hirst, David Adjaye, Ed Ruscha, Alexander Kluge, and many more. Some contributors have translated scientific data into simplified visual language, while others have condensed vast social, political, or natural forms into concise diagrams. There are reworked existing maps, alternate views of reality, charted imaginary flights of fancy, and the occasional rejection of a traditional map altogether.

What They Didn’t Teach You in Design School Phil Cleaver

From the Publisher. With record numbers of design and advertising students graduating into the job market each year, it makes more sense now than ever before to be fully armed to succeed. This book helps new designers make the transition from design school to work, giving them the ammunition they need for a successful start. Here the reader will learn how to get that all-important first job, and how to impress their new employer. They will also have at their fingertips plenty of useful, practical information, essential to know in the design studio and when working for clients. Enriched with quotes and advice from some of the best and brightest in the industry, this book is where you will find out what they didn’t teach you in design school.

Also see this interview with Phil Cleaver by Ilex Press.

Cino Zucchi: Inspiration and Process in Architecture Cino Zucchi

New editions in the Inspiration and Process series published by Moleskine.

From the Publisher. Following the huge success of Hand of the Architect (2009), Moleskine continues its acclaimed architecture series with Inspiration and Process in Architecture. Each edition features a collection of individual monographs approaching the design process of different international architects, archistars, young talents, and great designers. Giving a comprehensive view of the hands-on approach to the creative process, this collection embraces not only architecture but also art, design and drawings. The most recent editions were published in 2012 and include Cino Zucchi, edited by Nina Bassoli, Francesca Serrazanetti, and Matteo Schubert.

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