Weekly Wrap-Up & Preview

Weekly Wrap-Up & Preview: October 18

October 18, 2013

Interviews with graphic design’s Stefan Sagmeister (author of the updated Things I have learned in my life so far) and Donald Norman (expert on the user experience and product design, as well as the author of a new edition of The Design of Everyday Things) were highlights of this week. We also showcased the work of some “designing women,” including Eva Zeisel, Charlotte Perriand, and Bonnie Maclean, in a recently opened MoMA exhibition. Next week we focus on things digital, and bring you an interview with architect Greg Lynn, who introduced terms like “blob” and “shred” to computer-aided design, and take a look at digitally fabricated furniture, fashion, and more.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Daily Features Becoming Stefan Sagmeister

The award-winning graphic designer updates his monograph, Things I have learned in my life so far, with diary entries artfully rendered in everything from bananas to neon lights.


Daily Features Ladies to Love: Highlights from Designing Modern Women at MoMA

From psychedelic concert posters to silver-plated teapots, the museum's current exhibition shows the vast influence of modern female designers.

Daily Features AGI Open 2013, Report from London

This year’s AGI Open—easily graphic design’s most high-profile annual international conference—took place in London at the end of September. Organized by Tony Brook (Spin, Unit Editions), Angus Hyland (Pentagram, London), and Adrian Shaughnessy (Unit Editions), and the AGI UK board, sessions covered education, gender, clients with ideas, and the pluses and pitfalls of collaboration. 

Daily Features From Bookstore to Model Public Space: The Van Alen Redesigned

Design and architecture organizations like Manhattan’s Van Alen Institute are upping efforts to lure in an increasingly design-curious public.

Book List of the Week Donald Norman’s Book List: The Design of More Everyday Things

Design thinker and writer Donald Norman—known for his work that attempts to bridge the gap between the products users want and the products designers create—talks to Designers & Books on the occasion of the newly revised and expanded edition of his book The Design of Everyday Things.


Next Week's Preview

Daily Features Digital Fabrication Like You've Never Seen It

From gowns to prosthetic limbs, a new exhibition illustrates how computer-assisted production techniques are changing the way we think about design.

Book List of the Week Greg Lynn’s Book List: Digital Dialogue

Named by Forbes magazine as one of the ten most influential living architects, Greg Lynn has shaped the way in which architects and other designers use computers as a medium. Lynn talks to Designers & Books about the exhibition he curated, “Archaeology of the Digital,” and about how his reading has informed his architecture, a short story he wrote, and his collection of vintage Godzilla figures.

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