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Thank you, Seymour Supporters!

Seymour Chwast’s new antiwar book will be published this November

June 10, 2016

Thank you, Seymour supporters!

The community of backers we’ve created together on Kickstarter ensures that our beautiful edition of Seymour Chwast’s At War with War will be published this November.

We’ll be posting updates on our publication process as we go along.

In the meantime, if you would like to pre-order additional copies of the book, came late to the party and still would like a copy of the book, or are interested in any of the rewards listed as still available on the Kickstarter campaign page, please contact Steve Kroeter at:

“If this book could nudge our society even a little away from the insanity of war, I'll be so glad to have been a supporter.” — At War with War Kickstarter backer Cia Verschelden 

 Seymour Chwast at an exhibition including his antiwar psoter “End Bad Breath,” 1970.
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