Weekly Wrap-Up & Preview

Weekly Wrap-Up & Preview: November 22

November 21, 2013

This week we asked the founder of the Architecture & Design Film Festival to pick his top 10 all-time favorite films, stopped in at five of our favorite most out-of-the ordinary bookstores in the U. S., and visited five threatened cultural heritage sites—all accompanied by reading recommendations. We dissected the cover design of a book about the covers of one of the 20th century’s most famous novels, and we posted new answers to our “book edition” of the Proust Questionnaire, from Michael Bierut, Tina Roth Eisenberg, Debbie Millman, Harry Pearce, and Inga Sempé. Next week, we look at book picks from custom bicycle builder and master craftsman Richard Sachs, go to some rare book auctions, and reveal our holiday gift guides to design books.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Daily Features The 10 Best Architecture and Design Films

Kyle Bergman, founder of the Architecture & Design Film Festival, offers his insider picks for the best design movies of all time.

Daily Features Deconstructing with James Wines

Architect James Wines, a 2013 recipient of the National Design Award for Lifetime Achievement, discusses his unique approach.

Daily Features All Booked Up: Five Extraordinary U. S. Bookstores

Bookstores can be magical places that transport us to a different time and place. In celebration of the written word, here are five of our favorite unconventional bookstores from across the country.

The Proust Questionnaire — Book Edition Michael Bierut Answers The Proust Questionnaire—Book Edition

What Prisoners of Childhood explains about him, why he likes the design of the first edition of Learning from Las Vegas (even though it’s harder to read), and more answers to The Proust Questionnaire—Book Edition from Michael Bierut. 

Book List of the Week Cino Zucchi’s Book List: Inner Resonances

“Encountering knowledge is like encountering love,” writes Milan-based architect Cino Zucchi in the introduction to his book list. “The books that have been meaningful to us are more often ‘found’ than searched for.”

Cover Stories Cover Story: Lolita—The Story of a Cover Girl

Our second installment of “Cover Stories” considers how the classic 20th-century novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov continues to inspire countless cover designs, 80 of which are collected in a new book.


Next Week's Preview

Book List of the Week Richard Sachs’s Book List: Bicycle Building and Book Building

At a time when the return to handcraftsmanship is often in the news and the community of design “makers” continues to grow, the custom bicycles built by Richard Sachs—and the attentiveness he brings to building them—are still a rare ideal. This same attentiveness is just as evident in what he calls the “pile“ of books he “built” for his list.

Daily Features Books on the Block: Fall Auction Highlights

Each fall, the world's preeminent auction houses offer up a collection of rare and unique books. Here are five of the most exciting.

Daily Features Holiday Gift Guides to Design Books

Design books make great gifts! Our special series of gift guides.

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