Weekly Wrap-Up & Preview

Weekly Wrap-Up & Preview: November 8

November 8, 2013

Highlights of this week include November reviews of Notable Design Books of 2013 and answers to our Proust Questionnaire—Book Edition from Tony Brook, Rick Poynor, Peter Eisenman, and Coralie Bickford-Smith. We’ll be publishing more answers daily throughout November. We also featured a Bauhaus reading list and a “hotel” that’s just the place to do that reading. We talked with the designer of the new book on filmmaker Wes Anderson and also with rare book dealer Randall Ross of Modernism 101 about logo designer Clarence Hornung. Next week, fashion designer Anna Sui tells us about the books that inspire her, we visit a library built out of books, and we explore some surprising history behind common typographical marks.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Notable Design Books: Reviews 10 Notable Design Books of 2013: November Reviews

Our November reviews highlight the design of an ancient hanging garden, some of the world’s most spectacular opera houses, the lost art of architectural drawing drawing by hand, and a guide to the iconic figures of graphic design.

Daily Features Sleep Where the Great Modernists Slept

The Bauhaus-Dessau has opened its former student dormitory for overnight stays. Here's a reading list of books by the institution's famous alumni.

Daily Features The World of Wes: Designing The Wes Anderson Collection

A new book, The Wes Anderson Collection, pays tribute to the evolution of the filmmaker who has delighted audiences for decades with his unique artistry and idiosyncratic characters.

Themed Book Lists 15 Books on the Bauhaus

A selected list of guides to to the Bauhaus movement, founded April 1, 1919 in Weimar (moving to Dessau in 1925) by German architect Walter Gropius, and highlights of some of its major figures.

Rare & Beautiful Rare & Beautiful: The Man Who Designed 500 Logos

Rediscovering the work of American graphic design pioneer Clarence Hornung with rare modern book dealer Randall Ross.

Book List of the Week Warren Lehrer’s Book List: A Life in Visual Literature

For his (long—22 books) list for Designers & Books, writer, graphic designer, and multimedia artist Warren Lehrer, known as a pioneer in the field of visual literature, or “vis lit,” decided to focus on “books (mostly fiction, some non-fiction, a few hybrids) whose visual composition is an integral part of the writing.”


Next Week's Preview

Book List of the Week Anna Sui’s Book List: Punk and Pictures

“Everything I’m currently obsessed with can serve as inspiration for my work: films, exhibitions, music, travel, flea markets. And books!” fashion designer Ann Sui proclaims. ”I love doing the research, learning about something new.”

Daily Features Civic Space and Roadside Billboard: Library Inspired by a Stack of Books

Ikon.5 Architects has delivered a library and civic space in Delaware inspired by a pile of books.

Daily Features Character Study: 
The Curious History of Punctuation, Typographic Marks, Glyphs and Symbols

Who knew that Twitter staples like the octothorpe—or as the masses have come to call it, the hashtag (#)—originated from ancient Rome or that the @ symbol owes its fame to a computer engineer working on the government-sponsored project in 1971?

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