Weekly Wrap-Up & Preview

Weekly Wrap-Up & Preview: September 20

September 20, 2013

This week we time-traveled to both the ancient and recent past. Beginning the week was an interview with the design director of Harvard University Press on the look of the Loeb Classical Library, which since 1912 has brought Latin and Greek literature to the everyday reader. Ending the week was a revisiting of a 1975 book on “the art of design management” that originated as a series of lectures at the Wharton School and remains relevant today. Other highlights included Founding Director of the Canadian Center for Architecture Phyllis Lambert’s book list and her Q&A with us, an interview with Madrid-born industrial designer Jaime Hayon, and a round-up of the best overheard remarks at this year’s Brand New Conference in New York.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Book List of the Week Phyllis Lambert’s Book List: 10 Books on Buildings, Cities, and Landscapes

Phyllis Lambert, Founding Director Emeritus of the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), one of the world’s preeminent museums focused on architecture, has some advice for architects at all stages of their careers: “Young architects, architects tout court, must be deeply and widely engaged in reading—asking essential questions.” Lambert is the winner of the 2013 Designers & Books Design Book of the Year Award for her book Building Seagram.

Daily Features Loeb at First Sight: The Classics Come in Red and Green

In popular culture the Loeb Classical Library has become a visual shorthand for higher learning (and high social status), but how did they come to look like they do?

Themed Book Lists 12 Books Inspired by Ancient Greece and Rome

Prompted by our Daily Feature on the design of books in the Loeb Classical Library, here are a dozen books chosen by our contributors on or inspired by ancient Greece and Rome.

Daily Features The Big and Small at the Brand New Conference

From the Yahoo! logo redesign, to the strategic serifs on the Obama campaign mark, to rejected proposals for the Whitney Museum identity, branding war stories were at the forefront during this all-day event.

Daily Features Funtastico: Jaime Hayon Looks to the Future

The Madrid-born designer, with an exhibition of his work coming up, talks about his latest chair design.

Daily Features The Business of Design

A pioneering work in 1975, The Art of Design Management: Design in American Business explores whether the chief business of American business was design.


Next Week's Preview

Daily Features To the Ends of the Earth: Pilgrimages to Unmapped Landscapes

Calling itself a "nomadic design studio," Unknown Fields Division leads biannual pilgrimages to unmapped landscapes.

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