Kurando Furuya Editor
BNN, Tokyo, 2012, Japanese
Nonfiction, Digital Media Design
7.3 x 9.5 inches, paperback with jacket, 240 pages
ISBN: 9784861008177
Suggested Retail Price: $37.65

From the Publisher. It has been 15 years since the Japan Media Arts Festival and ICC began. In these 15 years, our media environments have changed dramatically. We can say this kind of change (technology and products) and the evolution of media arts have always developed collaterally. To overlook the works appeared in past 15 years is neither more nor less than we experience vicariously what creators have questioned against social change and answers the era has led to.

This book is intended to provide an overview of the outcomes that Japanese media arts have achieved through trials. It is divided in six categories: media art, anime, manga, video games, motion graphics, and the Internet. We could also gaze at the next 15 years by re-verifying what had been produced and become trends in relation to technology, society, art and making them meaningful.

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Daijiro Mizuno

This book celebrates the last 15 years of media arts in Japan. In 1997 the first Japan Media Arts Festival was first held, sponsored by the Council of Cultural Affairs in Japan. Since that time the festival has been held on an annual basis to encourage the further developments of media arts. Over the past 15 years situations surrounding media have changed significantly; this book should be read as a testimony, or a continuing negotiation of those who work in the fields of anime, manga, games, moving images, the Internet, and mixed media arts.


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