DAAB, Cologne, 2011, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Nonfiction, Architecture
ISBN: 9783942597005

From the Publisher. A monograph in which Dubbeldam introduces her 12 most important projects. Her international projects provide insight into a comprehensive architectural approach that refers to the future. The facade of a 12-story historic storage building in New York’s Soho district, clad in glass, gives the appearance of a waterfall, yet congenially melds with the street and surrounding buildings while providing in addition to its visual effect, state- of-the-art insulation. Ecological and sociological considerations distinguish the MCF Academy in Monrovia, which is conceived as a village-like ensemble of buildings that fulfills the requirements of communal, ecological, and economic concerns.  Dubbeldam’s futurist model envisions artificial islands, distinct economic, recreational and environmental zones that are connected with each other through “intelligent” swimming expressways.

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