Robert A. M. Stern
Edited by Cynthia Davidson
Yale University Press, New Haven, CT, 2009, English
Nonfiction, Architecture
ISBN: 9780300153972

From the Publisher. Robert A. M. Stern is one of contemporary architecture’s most influential figures, with a career encompassing every facet of the profession: he has a flourishing private practice; he is a noted authority on New York architectural history; his own architectural work has been featured in numerous monographs; and as Dean of the Yale School of Architecture, he has undeniably shaped the field of architectural education. As a preeminent force in the discourse of the field, Stern was one of the first critics to use and analyze the term “postmodern” in architecture. This collection of essays—Stern’s first—brackets the years defined by the changes in architectural thinking introduced by Robert Venturi in 1966 and the exhibition “Deconstructivist Architecture at The Museum of Modern Art in 1988. Throughout, Stern provides close readings of architectural events and offers firsthand accounts of transformations in architectural thinking during a critical period.

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Peter Pennoyer

A fascinating and insightful book on the postmodern era.

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