Pointed Leaf Press, New York, 2013, English
Nonfiction, Interior Design
9 x 6 inches, hardcover, 352 pages, over 130 illustrations
ISBN: 9781938461057
Suggested Retail Price: $35.00

From the Publisher. The inspiring memoir of interior designer Sheila Bridges, The Bald Mermaid comprises engaging and deeply personal vignettes that explore questions of identity, femininity, race, success, and what it means to have it all. A very successful interior designer with her own television show, when Bridges lost her hair due to Alopecia, she lost it all: This is her story of coming to terms with prosperity and happiness, the cost of independence, and staying true to herself. Beautifully illustrated, The Bald Mermaid is a delightfully candid, insightful, and often humorous narrative of Bridges’ ups and downs, and how she ultimately found balance and peace in her multi-layered life.

Also see our interview with Sheila Bridges on The Bald Mermaid.

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