Marc Mayer Editor
Merrell Publishers, London, 2005, English
Nonfiction, Art and Cultural History
ISBN: 9781858942872

From the Publisher. Jean-Michel Basquiat was only twenty-seven when he died in 1988, his meteoric and often controversial career having lasted for just eight years. Despite his early death, Basquiat’s powerful œuvre has ensured his continuing reputation as one of modern art’s most distinctive voices. Borrowing from graffiti and street imagery, cartoons, mythology, and religious symbolism, Basquiat’s drawings and paintings explore issues of race and identity, providing social commentary that is shrewdly observed and biting. This book celebrates Basquiat’s achievements in the contexts of the key influences on his art. It not only reevaluates the artist's principal works and their meaning, but also explains what keeps his painting relevant today.

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Bob Gill

A collection of the work of an artist whose range of personal visions seems to extend infinitely.

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