Phoebe Adler
Black Dog Publishing, London, UK, 2012, English
Design, General
9 x 11 inches, paperback, 192 pages, 265 illustrations
ISBN: 9781907317743
Suggested Retail Price: $39.95

From the Publisher. Behind the Scenes: Contemporary Set Design is a highly visual review of set design for the theatre and opera. The book includes the imaginative and groundbreaking work of designers including Robert Wilson, Boris Kudlicka, Les Brotherston, Miriam Buether, Chloe Lamford, Sam Trubridge and Rae Smith; and theatre companies such as The Builder's Association, Clod Ensemble, Hotel Pro Forma, Ex-Machina, Station House Opera and Punch Drunk. International in scope, the book includes stunning images of productions from theatres and arenas across the globe, including BAM Brooklyn, London's National Theatre, the Salzburg Festival and the Prague Quadrennial. Behind the Scenes provides an understanding of theatre design and its methods that appeals to beginners and enthusiasts, alongside students and theatre professionals alike.

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