Frederick Turner
Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, NJ, 1980, 1992, English
Nonfiction, General
ISBN: 9780813519098

From the Publisher. First published in 1980, Beyond Geography continues to influence and impress its readers, providing a reconstruction of the spiritual history that led up to the European domination and decimation of native culture that were as rich in mythic life as the Western culture was barren. This new edition, prepared for the Columbus quincentennial, includes a new foreword by T. H. Watkins and a new preface by the author. As the public debates Columbus's legacy, it is important for us to learn of the spiritual background of European domination of the Americas, for the Europeans who conquered the Americas substituted history for myth as a way of understanding life.

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Margie Ruddick

One of the great histories of the human relationship with the land.

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