Kenneth Vose
Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 1998, English
Nonfiction, General
ISBN: 9780811819121

From the Publisher. Shortly before his death in 1995, Jimmy D'Aquisto —then, as now, considered the greatest guitarmaker of all time— built a lightning blue archtop guitar, the D'Aquisto Centura Deluxe, hailed as a masterpiece for its profound simplicity, sensuous lines, and mythical blue color. That guitar inspired its owner, collector Scott Chinery, to challenge 22 of the world's finest luthiers to create their own interpretation of the Blue Guitar. The result is perhaps the greatest collection of archtop guitars ever made. Blue Guitar captures the unique beauty of this unparalleled collection with gorgeous photographs, a cutting-edge design and layout that echoes the lean sensousness of the guitars, and interviews with the guitarmakers, many of whom have dedicated their lives to finding the place where art, craft, and music converge.

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Richard Sachs

I bought this book as an extension of my interest in handmade things, fine guitars among them. Scott Chinery commissioned a handful of luthiers to make their own version of a D’Aquisto guitar that Jimmy made for him (Scott) years earlier. The book is a bit too commercial for me. I wanted to know more about the makers, and their thoughts, rather than about the man paying them for the work.

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