Allen St. John
Free Press, New York, 2005, English
Nonfiction, Product/Industrial Design
ISBN: 9780743266352

From the Publisher. Journalist St. John recounts how a perfect acoustic guitar comes into the world and how an artist gauges perfection. Deep in the mountains of southwestern Virginia, small-town wise man Wayne Henderson crafts some of the most highly coveted guitars on earth. This book is for lovers of old-time music, unplugged rock, traditional American craftsmanship, or simply storytelling.

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Richard Sachs

A gift from the author. Allen St. John spends a year and then some watching famed guitar maker Wayne Henderson build a guitar for Eric Clapton. As with some of the other titles, I find many parallels with Henderson’s life, his daily interaction with his material, and how it all fits into the commercial world we inhabit.

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