Archibooks, Hyères, France, 2010, French and English
Nonfiction, Product/Industrial Design
ISBN: 9782357331075

From Items (Dutch design magazine, June 2010). “Designer Aldo Bakker transforms forms , but from an almost proto - functional starting point . Going back to the most necessary actions when handling table objects he discovered that handles , lids or earbuds at jugs and cups unnecessary and clumsy additions . So he sent them away . The feeling gives sufficient direction to use a design . Steadily emerged as five years, a family of table objects pouring naturally , flow or straw . This appeared to be French exhibition catalog traces Bakeries form quest with instructional photos and delicate , looking lush lijnschetsjes . You wonder : does the hand on how he feels , so how he will determine the form here ? Again, the user feels the objects at first encounter after picking up an intuitive manner . And then know once and for all how to deal with them to get them to properly do their job. Because of its shape , the vinegar bottle compels precise pouring and dosing. In the decanter can and the pouring opening is arranged vertically , so that there is no foreign matter in the end from the top . Initiator Jan Boelen typifies Bakker as signifier , not as a designer . In the philosophy of Steven Skov Holt Bakeries sensitive design spirit leads to the deformation of the standard and thus to rethink and strengthen the function.”

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