Tomás Maldonado
Feltrinelli, Milan, 2008, 1992, 1991, Italian
Nonfiction, Product/Industrial Design
ISBN: 9788807101427

From the Publisher. This book presents, in new and extensively updated, an essay written in 1976, when Tomas Maldonado put forward a proposal for the definition of industrial design and outlined some of its most significant historical milestones. With his usual ability to see the connections that exist between different problem areas, the author actualizes the issue of industrial design in the context of innovations that involved modifying deeply, production processes, the philosophy of production, technological reality. With this in mind, he offers a glimpse of the prospects that open to the designer due to phenomena such as the development of microelectronics and the availability of new materials. But not only. Maldonado also addresses issues relating to the status of industrial design, both as a discipline and as a broader cultural moment. Overcoming the stereotypes that, through a work often misleading advertising, provided the public with a version purely stylistic and fashion of this important project activity, compared to some of the major problems that the design industry is facing, such as those the third world, total quality and the environment.


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Paolo Deganello

A short history of industrial design that is “produttivistic” (focused on the processes of production) but also foreshadowed the inherent contradictions of the discipline in the face of ecological degradation.

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