Donald Judd
Contibutions by Volker Rattemayer et al.
Cantz, Ostfildern, Germany, 1993, English and German
Nonfiction, Architecture; Nonfiction, Product/Industrial Design; Nonfiction, Art and Cultural History
ISBN: 9783893226184

Catalogue produced in conjunction with artist Donald Judd’s selection as recipient of the Stankowski Foundation Prize in 1993. It focuses on one of the the most important parts of his legacy: his buildings at 101 Spring Street, New York, and Marfa, Texas, and his work to transform their interior spaces by means of architecture, furniture design, and the artwork displayed within. Leading architectural photographer Todd Eberle was commissioned to document these spaces.


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Ronan Bouroullec

This was the first art book I ever bought. I remember precisely that I bought it in a bookshop in Quimper Brittany, probably 17 years ago. Ever since (I’m 41), it has remained the most important art book for me because of—especially—the relationship of Judd’s highly refined pieces to the rustic interiors.

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