W. G. Sebald
New Directions, New York, 1996; originally published (in German) 1992, English
ISBN: 9780811213387
On 3 book lists
Sheila Levrant de Bretteville

A masterpiece of literature in which the narrative appears to describe the images, but the images are not what the narrative describes. This disconnection between image and text astonished me, and validated all the disconnections and gaps my work has used to create an invitation to others to participate in the signification of a work.

Maira Kalman

Sebald combines dreamlike narrative with vague and haunting photographs. Read everything he has written.

Mohsen Mostafavi

Sebald had a major presence in the field of literature and died tragically early in a car crash. He lived in England as an academic but wrote in German. The book is a beautiful exposition of memory and the sense of feeling an outsider.

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