Terence Conran
Dan Pearson
Crown, New York, 1998, English
Nonfiction, Landscape Design
ISBN: 9780609800225

From the Publisher. Offers a contemporary, inspiring vision of garden design. The book includes all the practical information needed to redesign your garden from scratch, or just to add a new feature or planting scheme; more than 650 color photographs which provide a rich visual source of ideas and inspiration; 175 illustrations explaining how to survey, plan, plant, and maintain your garden; and useful addresses of advisers, nurseries, garden centers, and suppliers of garden buildings, paving, furniture, and lighting.

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Todd Oldham

This book is a perfect combination of real helpful growing and design information and beautiful super-inspiring textures and details. Clearly, Conran has the same rich hand at gardening that he does at design and retailing.

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