Caroline Klein
DAAB, Cologne, 2011, English, German
Nonfiction, Architecture
9.4 x 11 inches, hardcover, 272 pages, color illustrations
ISBN: 9783942597098
Suggested Retail Price: $75.00

From the Publisher. What will the world look like in a hundred years from now? If global processes cannot be stopped, we at least have the chance to respond to them. Cities, shooting up like mushrooms, a shortage of resources, and climatic changes call for a new way of thinking. Time is pressing. Fortunately, there is no lack of visionaries and pioneers of sustainability. Futuristic presents about 50 of them: designers, architects, artists, scientists, cooperatives, and individualists, who are working for progress all around the globe. “We do not actually want to conquer space, but to expand the earth into the infinite. We do not need other worlds, but a mirror … Man needs fellow human beings.” [Stanislav Lem, Solaris, 1972]

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