Elizabeth Bishop
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, 1976, English
ISBN: 9780374161354

From the Publisher. Whether writing about waiting as a child in a dentist's office, viewing a city from a plane high above, or losing items ranging from door keys to one's lover in the masterfully restrained "One Art," Elizabeth Bishop somehow conveyed both large and small emotional truths in language of stunning exactitude and even more astonishing resonance. As John Ashbery has written, "The private self . . . melts imperceptibly into the large utterance, the grandeur of poetry, which, because it remains rooted in everyday particulars, never sounds 'grand,' but is as quietly convincing as everyday speech."

On 1 book list
Margie Ruddick

One of the great books of poems of the North American landscape.

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