Yvonne Joris
Ida van Zijl
ARNOLDSCHE Art Publishers, Stuttgart, 2005, 2007, Dutch and English
Nonfiction, Jewelry Design
Hardcover, 8.9 x 11.4 inches, 272 pages, 491 color illustrations. Hardback
ISBN: 9783897902237
Suggested Retail Price: $75.00

From the Publisher. Gijs Bakker (b. 1942), Dutch jewelry and product designer, has figured prominently in the front rank of international auteur jewelry for forty years. He has been setting trends in both form and design since the 1960s. Unsurprisingly, what is known as the “Dutch soft style” has been an international hit. Collaborating with his former wife, Emmy van Leersum, he advocated the status of designer jewelry as autonomous works of art. The present publication, which includes a detailed description of all his pieces, represents a complete annotated catalogue of Gijs Bakker’s œuvre. In this sumptuously illustrated book, the historian Ida van Zijl takes us through Gijs Bakker’s work, showing his importance for the development of jewelry worldwide.

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