Mana Takemura
Paiintanashonaru, Tokyo, 2012, Japanese
Nonfiction, Fashion Design
8.5 x 6 inches, paperback, 168 pages
ISBN: 9784756241801

Includes the work of manga artists such as Yumiko Ooshima, Kyoko Okazaki, Ai Yazawa, and many more.

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Daijiro Mizuno

Japanese manga has been a subject of critical inquiry, or a subject of desire, for many male scholars, including Hiroki Azuma. However, there have been hardly any books on girls’ fashion in manga from the female perspective. Characters appearing in manga dress themselves to construct a narrative (reminding me of what Walter. J. Ong argued in relation to “orality”) about themselves. Are manga illustrators just as creative as fashion designers? This book introduces the relationship between characters and fashion to provide a unique perspective on girls’ manga and fashion design.


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