Karianne Bjellås Gilje Editor
W. W. Norton, New York, 2012, Norwegian
Nonfiction, Interior Design
9.7 × 10.7 inches, hardcover, 296 pages, 100 illustrations
ISBN: 9780393733310
Suggested Retail Price: $55.00

From the Publisher. Grete Prytz Kittelsen (1917–2010) is regarded as "the queen of Scandinavian design." Her sphere of influence in the history of decorative art and design stretches from the Scandinavian Design period, 1945–65, to today. This book is the first comprehensive presentation of her work. In these pages the range of her oeuvre is displayed in brilliant color, with archival material and more than five hundred new photographs that document her stature as a hollowware designer, whose production—several hundred unique items, including bowls, dishes, plates, casseroles, and vases—was more extensive than that of any other Norwegian postwar designer, and as a jewelry artist, who produced a large and innovative range of pieces challenging the view of jewelry as mere decoration in the era of modernism.

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