Scott Huler
Rodale, Emmaus, PA, 2010, English
Nonfiction, Urban Design
9.3 x 6.3 inches, hardcover, 256 pages
ISBN: 9781605296470
Suggested Retail Price: $24.99

From the Publisher. An investigation into the infrastructure that makes society possible. In our daily lives, we are surrounded by wires, pipes, utility poles, cell phone towers, and a myriad of other infrastructure that facilitate almost everything we do. Even though these systems are essential, when was the last time you gave them much thought? Not only is infrastructure shrouded in mystery, much of it is woefully out of date—bridges are falling, public transportation is overcrowded, and most roads haven’t been updated since the 1950s. In On the Grid, Scott Huler sets out to understand all of the systems that shape our society—from transportation, water, and garbage to the Internet coming through our cable lines.

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