Peter Christensen
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2008, English
Nonfiction, Architecture
9.5 x 11 inches, hardcover, 248 pages, 423 color illustrations
ISBN: 9780870707339
Suggested Retail Price: $45.00

From the Publisher. Today, with the digital revolution reorganizing the relationship between the drafting board and the factory, prefabrication continues to spur innovative manufacturing and imaginative design, and its potential is not yet fulfilled. But the mass-produced, factory-made home has had a distinguished history, serving as a vital precept in the development of modern architecture. Home Delivery traces this history, from its early roots in colonial cottages to the work of such figures as Thomas Edison, Marcel Breuer, Jean Prouvé, and Buckminster Fuller, and concludes in the present-day with a group of contemporary houses commissioned specifically for the MoMA exhibition that this book accompanies.

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