Amy Sedaris
AMMO Books, Pasadena, CA 2008, English
Nonfiction, Interior Design
ISBN: 9781934429037

From the Publisher. In Home Studio Home, visionary designer Todd Oldham focuses his incredible eye on some quirky and inspired art students’ digs at the Rhode Island School of Design. Todd’s bold and sublime photography showcases a treasure trove of ideas, pop culture archives, and a soothing sense of bedlam that permeates these maverick dwellings. A testament to ingenuity on a budget without any parental restrictions, Home Studio Home celebrates unique and unfettered creativity.

Exquisitely designed, Home Studio Home comes wrapped in a custom-designed poster for your home, with additional tear-out postcards, and inspired essays by both Todd Oldham and the ever-so-witty Amy Sedaris. According to Amy, these dorm room photographs make her long for those carefree college days. Well, actually, she never went to college, but if she did, it’s exactly how she would have imagined it!

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