Visual Studies Workshop Press/EarSay, New York, 1983, English
ISBN: 9780898220360

From the Publisher. i mean you know is a book to be read quietly alone. It also functions as a score for a performance. The book/ play takes place within a few hours of one day inside the minds of seven characters who co-inhabit the same building. This musical/ theatrical setting juxtaposes interior narratives of disparate characters into various arrangements: solo, duo, trio, quartet, sextet, and septet. The characters are: Sasha, the artist; Violone who is confined to a wheelchair and speaks through her violin; Myron, the mystic guilt-ridden millionaire; Ace Monroe, a British-born radio talk show host; Little Tracy, the toddler; Angelica, an African-American house painter and mother; and Trombonio who speaks only through his trombone. This book, published in 1984, further developed Lehrer’s approach to using typography as a means of creating psycho/acoustic translations of speech and thought on the printed page. While portraying stories and characters, this book/performance score celebrates those synaptic gaps and utterances between thoughts and speech that bridge our sometimes imperfect search for meaning (i mean) and a desire to connect with others (you know).

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