Cecil Balmond
Prestel Publishing, New York, 2007, 2002, English
Nonfiction, Architecture
4.5 x 7.25 inches, paperback, 400 pages, 400 illustrations
ISBN: 9783791337760
Suggested Retail Price: $29.95

From the Publisher. Cecil Balmond is one of the most revolutionary structural designers working in architecture today. His structural thinking differs from that of others in his field in its completely innovative conception of the development of form and its impact on architecture. The plasticity of architectural plans is enhanced through a decisive promotion of their structural designs. The borderline between structure and architecture thus becomes increasingly blurred. This process is explained in detail in Informal by reference to eight seminal projects. Balmond elucidates the theoretical basis of his engineering and architectural solutions, and his sketches transcend purely technical illustration-they are key to his approach. Informal invites readers to rethink their understanding of the relationships between architecture, design, and engineering.

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Florian Idenburg

A book that makes one think anew about the way the construction of buildings can be conceived.

Terence Riley

A few years ago, I took a man that I would have to describe as a media titan to a lecture by Cecil Balmond. I picked seats near the door as I was certain that our attendance would be limited to the first 20 minutes or so (my guest was just that kind of person, sampling one thing of interest before moving on to the next). Not only did he stay for the entire lecture and the question-and-answer session, but I watched with some amazement as he pulled out pen and paper and took notes. Balmond’s ability to address topics of great complexity in a way that appeals to the intellectually curious, but not technically trained, is a rare commodity. Balmond’s Informal translates his compelling lecture style to text and images in a thoroughly engaging way. I am certain it is the only book by an engineer that I have read and then re-read but also pick up from time to time just for the fun of leafing through it.

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