Irma Boom
Walther König Verlag, Cologne, 2023, English
Nonfiction, Graphic Design
Boxed, paperback, 4.5 x 6 in., 1,000 pages, 500 color illustrations
ISBN: 9783753300917

From the Distributor (D.A.P.): World-renowned Dutch designer Irma Boom presents her vision on the essence, meaning and relevance of the book. Based on the in-depth research that Boom conducted into the development of the book in the library of the Vatican, Book Manifest is at once a survey of the history of the book and a miniature Irma Boom retrospective, reproducing a selection of more than 350 books she has designed over the course of her eminent career. Alongside reproductions, Boom extensively discusses the relationship between her work and older book forms. With this tiny (two and a half by three inches), slipcased, 1,000-page, richly illustrated volume, itself an exceptional feat of bookmaking, Boom aims to inspire and encourage a new generation of designers to experiment and develop new ways of conceiving this simplest and most enduringly effective of forms.

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