Emily Cheney Neville
HarperCollins, New York, 1996; originally published 1963, English
Fiction, Children’s
ISBN: 9780064400732

From the Publisher. "My father is always talking about how a dog can be very educational for a boy. This is one reason I got a cat." Dave Mitchell and his father yell at each other a lot, and whenever the fighting starts, Dave's mother gets an asthma attack. That's when Dave storms out of the house. Then Dave meets Tom, a strange boy who helps him rescue Cat. It isn't long before Cat introduces Dave to Mary, a wonderful girl from Coney Island. Slowly Dave comes to see the complexities in people's lives and to understand himself and his family a little better.

On 1 book list
Gail Anderson

Harriet the Spy, It’s Like This, Cat, and later, all of the S. E. Hinton books, were childhood favorites that still resonate to this day. Perhaps it’s the city kid side of me that identified with the adventurous loners I met through their stories.

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