Alba Cappellieri
Skira, Milan, 2004, Italian
Nonfiction, Jewelry Design
ISBN: 9788881584963

From the Publisher. Part of the series Italian Design of the Trienniale of Milan, this volume documents the genesis, the symbolism, the history, and ritualism of jewelry. It is a curious journey full of surprises as we discover jewelry's connection to postmodernist art, minimalism, ethnic art, and expressionism. Jewelry and Design also examines this beautiful artform from the micro of the micro-scale gem to the macro of a building or a piece of furniture, thus creating analogies and fostering interdisciplinary comparison. This book also features exemplars in the following categories: artist jewelry (Arnaldo Pomodoro), artisan jewelry (Giampaolo Babetto), piAce unique jewelry (Henry Winston), fashion jewelry (Chanel, Gucci), and industrial jewelry (Loretta Baiocchi for Pomellato). These samples highlight unique ways of conceiving contemporary jewels and jewelry design. 

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