Essay by Cindy Sherman
AMMO Books, Pasadena, CA 2008, English
Nonfiction, Interior Design
ISBN: 9781934429020

From the Publisher. In this "Place Space" issue, visionary designer Todd Oldham focuses his incredible eye on the beauty and wit of John Waters’ quirky abode. Todd’s exquisite photography results in elegant and humorous still lifes and portraits of America’s beloved King of Sleaze in his disarmingly sweet and kindly Baltimore, Maryland, home. As a director, John Waters has achieved legendary status with films such as the art house explosion, "Pink Flamingos," and the family-friendly "Hairspray." His unique sensibility is evident in every corner of his home, which, as Todd says, "looks like the offspring of a warped public library and the Museum of Modern Art.”

Beautifully designed, John Waters comes wrapped in a custom-designed poster for your home as well as tear-out postcards featuring books from Waters' shelves such as “Sex on Horseback” and “Gay John”! With inspired essays by Todd Oldham and renowned photographer Cindy Sherman, this "Place Space" issue is sure to delight hardcore Waters fans and newcomers alike. Like a sophisticated game of “I Spy,” roaming through John Waters’ overflowing bookshelves for clues to his inspiration is a true delight.

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