Katsuji Wakisaka
PIE International, Tokyo, 2012, English and Japanese
Nonfiction, Textile Design
8.5 x 5.9 inches, paperback 192 pages
ISBN: 9784756242686

From the Publisher. Katsuji Wakisaka, a Japanese textile designer, started his career as the first Japanese designer to work for Marimekko, the Finnish textile company, in 1968. Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Finland, he developed an aesthetic for organic shapes and bold colors. After coming back to Japan in 1980s, he started SOUSOU, the apparel brand whose projects are created based on Japanese tradition. These days, Wakisaka starts his day with a walk and takes inspiration from the landscape of his hometown, Kyoto. After returning to his studio, he paints everything from seasonal changes in nature to traditional Japanese patterns. Many of his textile designs for SOUSOU begin as postcards, which serve as initial drafts for his designs, and he mails each one to his wife. He is prolific that he has made more than 10,000 postcards until now. Most of the contents of this book are his textile designs and products for Marimekko and SOUSOU. Behind-the-scene stories of how he is active in his SOUSOU brand, his interview, and his episodes for his designs are also included. This is a title for designers, textile lovers, and those who are interested in Finnish and modern Japanese designs. Even those who do not know Wakisaka will enjoy and be inspired by the book.

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Daijiro Mizuno

A biography of a Japanese textile designer who worked for prominent textile design firms such as Marimekko and Larsen. After working over 40 years as a textile print designer, Wakisaka currently designs for SOUSOU, a fashion brand based in Kyoto. This book is a full of inspirational sources—over 10,000 of them—celebrating Wakisaka’s long and successful career.

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