Gillo Dorfles
Universe (Rizzoli), New York, 1969, 1970, English; originally published in Italian
Design, General
ISBN: 9780876631065

From the Publisher. Gillo Dorfles offers a veritable “catalogue raisonne of reigning bad taste” in the visual arts. He and other contributors (including Clement Greenberg, Hermann Broch, Ludwig Giesz, John McHale, Karl Pawek, Lotte Eisner, Ugo Volli, and Vittorio Gregotti) examine the use of kitsch in politics, religion, advertising, film, architecture and design, “pornokitsch,” and the modern trappings that surround birth, family life, and death. (Out of print.)

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Inga Sempé

I have always been surprised by the strange cycle of good and bad taste. It is never definitive. One thing can be regarded as ugly after having been considered a masterpiece. This analysis of kitsch, which I read as a design student, was really helpful.

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