Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (Firm)
Rockport Publishers, Gloucester, MA, 1999, English
Nonfiction, Architecture
ISBN: 9781564965219

From the Publisher. In this work, extremes, and eccentricity combine to form an original, inspired whole. This is a moment at a clearing in the woods where stone meets log, idea meets reality, invention meets craft, function meets beauty, and the past meets the present," write architect Will Bruder in the introductory essay to Ledge House. "My introduction to the house came when I was exploring the romance and tectonics of log construction for a project of my own. I made two trips to see it in person, and my greatest expectations were surpasses. The house embodies the quiet and privacy desired by the owner, yet stands proudly in the context of the great residences of the twentieth century." Working over the years with young architects at Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Peter Bohlin has designed many houses-from a summer house for his parents in 1974, to recent projects such as the William Gates III residential compound (in a joint collaboration with James Cutler).

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