Laurence Sterne
W. W. Norton, New York, 2010; originally published 1759, English
ISBN: 9780393950342
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Jürgen Mayer H.

A novel that reinvents the genre from the very beginning by breaking conventions, providing surprise, and playing with disorder.

Debbie Millman

The book is remarkable in that it precedes modernism, postmodernism, and conceptual art by utilizing these techniques:
—blank chapters
—black pages
—white pages
—playful type
And it was all done in 1759!
Here is a great example of what is included in this brilliant tome:

The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman (complete title) is now seen as a forerunner of the use of stream of consciousness and self-reflexive writing. 1759!

Michael Sorkin

The funniest book ever written.

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