Louis Vuitton (distrib. Idea Books), Tokyo, 2003, English
Nonfiction, Architecture
ISBN: 9784990159405

In two books documenting the architectural explorations of Louis Vuitton, Logique/Visuelle, editor Mohsen Mostafavi presents the intertwined world of LV products, motifs, materials, and surfaces in photographic dialogue with LV architecture. Fully illustrated, it also features short essays by Jun Aoki, Philippe Barthelemy, Aaron Betsky and others, with English, Japanese, and French translations. Logique/Visuelle is divided into two parts: the first contains essays that deal with a number of issues surrounding the production of LV architecture, while the second visually maps some of the key components that give rise to this architecture and its productive qualities - examining the physical and ephemeral dimensions in contemporary architectural projects.

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