Michael Merrill
Lars Müller Publishers, Baden, 2010, English
Nonfiction, Architecture
11.6 x 9.6 inches, hardcover, 240 pages
ISBN: 9783037782217

From the Publisher. Like few others, Louis Kahn cultivated the craft of drawing as a means to architecture. His personal design drawings—seen either as a method of discovery or for themselves—are unique in the twentieth century. Over two hundred—mostly unpublished—drawings by Kahn and his associates are woven together with a lively and informed commentary into an intimate biography of an architectural idea. Unfolding around the iconic project for the Dominican Motherhouse (1965–69) the drawings form a narrative which not only reveals the richness and hidden dimensions of this unbuilt masterpiece, but provides compelling insights into Louis Kahn’s mature culture of designing. Kahn—long considered an architects’ architect—emerges as a vivid and instructive guide, provoking reflection on questions which continue to remain relevant: on how works are conceived, on how they might be perceived, on how they become part of human experience. Fascinating not only in their beauty, the drawings open a new and stimulating perspective on one of the past century's great architects.

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