John Hejduk
Rizzoli International Publications, New York, 1985, English
Nonfiction, Architecture
ISBN: 9780847805679

The first major book of the architect is an encyclopedia of his works between 1947 and 1983, framed in time. Hejduk’s work and thought is introduced by the voices of the first section; interviews with Don Wall and Peter Eisenman, essays by Franz Oswald and Richard Pommer, and excerpts from literature that have informed his work—in counterpoint—to the voice of the architect over time. Hejduk’s texts written at the time of the projects, and those written contemporanous to the production of the book, looking back, harmonize with his prose pieces and poems, revealing a body of work and methodological thought.

One crosses over on pages 158 through 160, as table of content and index to the second section which chronologizes eighty-two projects in hundreds of drawings, among them the Texas and Diamond Houses, the Wall Houses, the Italian projects and the early masques. (Out of print)

Constructed to be read at random, or chapter by chapter as a linear account, the reader can always locate oneself in time to the architect’s work.

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Neil Denari

I lived a couple of blocks from Cooper Union when this came out. Hejduk loomed large over the East Village (and beyond).

Daniel Libeskind

Written by my mentor, a deep investigation into what it means to build through drawings and texts. Amazing how a book of drawings and ideas is much more inspiring than a book of techniques and buildings!

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