Allan T. Shulman Editor
Nonfiction, Urban Design; Nonfiction, Architecture
9.5 x 12 inches, hardcover, 414 pages
ISBN: 9781890449513
Suggested Retail Price: $85.00

From the Publisher. The two decades following World War II were a period of extraordinary growth in Miami. During that time architectural modernism provided a framework for the city's new urban patterns, novel building types, evolving aesthetics, and emerging environmental consciousness. The city was a virtual laboratory of modern architecture, a semitropical hothouse where modernism was probed, challenged, adapted, and ultimately expanded. Miami Modern Metropolis: Paradise and Paradox in Midcentury Architecture and Planning explores the distinctive and illuminating premises embodied in the city s growth from 1945 to 1965. Covering a range of architectural topics including hotels, retail, aerospace, and residential, Miami Modern Metropolis is both a thoroughly researched and entertaining look at one of the country s most distinctive urban confections.

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Jeffrey Beers

A collection of essays about a pivotal era for Miami and midcentury modern architecture, a portrait of a city discovering itself through design.

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