Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 2004, English
Nonfiction, Graphic Design
ISBN: 9780811841030

From the Publisher. Part design and illustration studio, part pop-culture think tank, Push Pin Studios had phenomenal sway over visual culture from the mid 1950s through the 1980s. Its founding principals, Seymour Chwast and Milton Glaser, created a graphic design laboratory that mined the traditions of the past to presage the eclecticism of the future, and took design in a bold, new direction. Pushing the limits of visual tradition, the studio developed a visual code for its time and altered the course of graphic style and design practice for subsequent generations. Push Pin’s place in design history is nowhere better revealed than in its signature periodical The Push Pin Graphic, a stylish, brash, free-form showcase for the studio's talents and personal interests. For The Push Pin Graphic: A Quarter Century of Innovative Design and Illustration, Chwast and Glaser join design historian Steven Heller and designer Martin Venezky to cull the best of the studio's quirky, celebrated periodical. Featuring the covers and select spreads from each of the 86 issues of the publication.

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